What’s melting so many glaciers in Antarctica? Searching for hidden volcanoes under the ice | The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

Andrew says:

April 7, 2012 at 5:13 pm

What’s causing the ice to melt? The same thing that’s causing the entire planet to be more volcanically active then ever before in our recorded history; the same that’s causing the massive quakes and the insane and extreme weather….our sun’s brown dwarf twin.

Scientists specialize in one area…neither a climatologist nor geologist would know anything about astrophysics and would limit their search for answers to their particular field.

The state of our world comes to no surprise to anyone who’s read the works of Velikovsky; over 60 years ago, he predicted everything we are now experiencing would take place in the first part of the new Millennium. His prediction was based on evidence he compiled that our planet is struck by a cosmic catastrophe every 3600 years.

Velikovsky’s work has been the bible of the elite for decades. Thanks to him, they knew exactly what and when to expect the earth changes. This allowed them to come up with the global warming cover decades ago, that would ensure the masses didn’t panic and continued to pay their taxes.

Anyone who bothers to take a look at man made global warming will see it is a lie. At this time the global average temperature is a degree and a half lower than what it was 3600 years ago. Fossil records also show that in the past that atmospheric carbon only rose after the temperature increased. Also, carbon only makes up 0.03 % of the atmosphere…its almost nonexistent and definitely not enough to cause an increase in quakes and volcanoes.

One volcanic eruption puts on the equivalent of a years worth of carbon emissions in LA….. there are hundreds of active volcanoes at this very moment.

One last piece of evidence…global warming/climate change is not limited to our planet…all the planets, with the exception of Mercury, have been undergoing massive changes.

Its time people stop distracting us by dissecting everything as an individual problem and realize these are only symptoms and they are all tied together. Keeping all these things separate is the elites way of keeping us in the dark. .

via What’s melting so many glaciers in Antarctica? Searching for hidden volcanoes under the ice | The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond.


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